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Homero , Miguel Sepulveda, Roy Thomas
Marvel USA

Formato: 180x260x10
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ISBN: 9788400001967

Pack en el que se incluyen The Iliad + Trojan War en edicion tapa dura One of the true cornerstones of Western literature comes to the Marvel Illustrated line! The ancient world is embroiled in a mighty clash of armies: Greek vs. Trojan. Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, has betrayed her husband - the Greek, Menelaus - and fled to Troy with Trojan prince, Paris. The Greeks have sailed to Troy to bring her back - and crush all that stand in their way! This is the first chapter in the saga that virtually defines the word epic. It is a tale of gods and men, heroism and betrayal. From the lips of Homer to the pages of Marvel Illustrated. Collects Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #1-8. Based on the Epic Cycle and other ancient sources. This is the tale not told in The Iliad and The Odyssey of Zeus' plans with Themis, the god of justice, to bring about the Trojan War to kill off an excess of mankind. This is a fascinating exploration of the very roots of the most famous conflict in antiquity. Brought to you by the lauded team of Roy Thomas and Miguel Sepulveda responsible for the recent Illustrated adaptation of The Iliad. This is the invaluable companion piece to those aforementioned twin pillars of Greek literature that have withstood the test of ages. Collects The Trojan War #1-5.

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